Prestashop + Lemlist

Synchronise Prestashop with Lemlist





Customer Relationship

Follow the sales of your PrestaShop store by integrating Lemlist to better track your leads and customers.


Synchronise your Orders

Import or export your orders from one application to another.


Track your Inventory

Keep your inventory up to date by synchronising your stock levels.


Synchronise your Contacts

Synchronise contacts and customers between your applications.


Export your Invoices

Replicate your invoices and save your important data.

What can I do with Lemlist CRM?

Automatically warm up your domain, land in the primary tab, scale outreach without sounding impersonal, set more replies with targeted follow-ups, start sending multichannel sequences, connect lemlist to your favorite tools.

Can I connect Lemlist to other applications not listed on Synchron?

Native Lemlist integrations allow you to connect Lemlist to other tools like Salesforce, Dropcontact, Aircall and Zapier. Synchron provides ecommerce integrations.

What are the Prestashop features?

Sellers can create a catalog, track inventory of each product, configure payment or shipping options and link the website to local or international platforms to boost sales.

Can I modify Prestashop easily?

PrestaShop offers a marketplace of in-house and third-party modules and templates, which businesses can integrate to improve store operations related to storefront design or navigation, marketing, logistics and more.

Connect Prestashop and Lemlist

No-code platform, start integrating in a matter of minutes.


Automatically trigger your syncs on predefined events.

Universal Connector

Connect and synchronise your applications without any technical knowledge.

User Interface

Observe in real time the data transferred from one app to another.

Resilience and Security

Enjoy fully encrypted communications and transfers.

Multi-user Account

Work as a team and regulate the permissions of your team members.


Follow the frequency of your synchronisations over time.

Integration Guides

Tips to integrate Prestashop and Lemlist easily


PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.

Customer Relationship

Personalize cold emails, automate follow-ups, and engage with leads across all channels. Lemlist is your sales automation and cold email software in one.

Questions about the integration?

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