Track your Inventory


Application A





Application B


Import your orders,
Synchronise your stock.

Keep track of your orders and stock levels.

As soon as an item is sold, your stock is automatically updated in your ERP or accounting system.

Online store or point of sale:
Synchronisation works both ways. can connect your e-commerce sites or POS systems to your favourite inventory management tool or ERP.

An online sale or in-store purchase will update the stock levels in your ERP. A manual stock change in your ERP will update the stock back in your shop.


Keep your inventory up to date by synchronising your stock levels.

With stock and inventory sync you will be able to display your entire inventory on all sales platforms, giving you the opportunity to get the most conversions. Improper inventory tracking could lead to more demand than supply, which might cause you to increase your prices or end up having to buy from more costly suppliers to meet demand.

Once your inventory is synced, you can reduce the price of your products and increase your delivery rate. Synchronising inventory helps you source products more carefully, and maintain reasonable pricing. Also, you can deliver products quickly by always having them in stock.