Scalable Integration Platform

E-commerce synchronisation software features

Sturdy and resilient platform

The platform is built with security in mind. Your data is secured and encrypted by multiple layers of security protocols like TLS.

Resilience and Security

Resilience and Security

Enjoy fully encrypted communications and transfers.

Multi-user Account

Multi-user Account

Travaillez en équipe et soyez plus productifs.

Import your orders,
Synchronise your stock.

Keep track of your orders and stock levels.

As soon as an item is sold, your stock is automatically updated in your ERP or accounting system.

Online store or point of sale:
Synchronisation works both ways. can connect your e-commerce sites or POS systems to your favourite inventory management tool or ERP.

An online sale or in-store purchase will update the stock levels in your ERP. A manual stock change in your ERP will update the stock back in your shop.

User-friendly Interface

Follow the transfer of your orders, products and stock levels in real time.

Sort your data by date or search by key reference.

User Interface
Application Reference Transfer Updated


New Order
#7546872 Pending 27/09/2022 15:27
11 seconds ago


New Order
#7546871 Successful 27/09/2022 15:25
2 minutes ago


New Customer
#USR77413 Successful 27/09/2022 15:23
4 minutes ago


New Order
#7546870 Successful 27/09/2022 15:13
14 minutes ago


Stock Update
#ZBD-30XL Successful 26/09/2022 10:48
1 day ago

Analysis and Statistics

Monitor your syncs in real time and browse the historical data of your transfers.

Real-time transfer monitoring

Daily & monthly reports

Usage & data graphs

Easily track your account's data usage


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Plan (monthly payment):
Team - April 2022
Month Total

€160 EUR

Workflow Usage

2.37 GB of 10 GB

Connect your applications.

No-code platform, start integrating in a matter of minutes.


Automatically trigger your syncs on predefined events.

Universal Connector

Connect and synchronise your applications without any technical knowledge.

User Interface

Observe in real time the data transferred from one app to another.

Resilience and Security

Enjoy fully encrypted communications and transfers.

Multi-user Account

Work as a team and regulate the permissions of your team members.


Follow the frequency of your synchronisations over time.