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Synchronise your Orders

Import or export your orders from one application to another.


Track your Inventory

Keep your inventory up to date by synchronising your stock levels.


Synchronise your Contacts

Synchronise contacts and customers between your applications.


Export your Invoices

Replicate your invoices and save your important data., specialist in e-commerce integration, facilitates the transfer of data between Prestashop and Teamleader.

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Available Data Workflows

  • Importing orders in real time

    Automated creation of Teamleader invoices every time a new order is placed in your Prestashop store.

  • Creating new customers

    When an order is made by a new customer in Prestashop, creates it in Teamleader before assigning him the order.

  • Creating new products

    When a new order contains a product (SKU) that does not exist in Teamleader, automatically creates the product in Teamleader before importing the order.

  • Importing Credit Notes

    Automated import of credit notes into Teamleader each time an order is refunded or partially refunded in Prestashop.

  • Order Status Updates

    When you change the status of an invoice in Teamleader, the order status is automatically updated in Prestashop.

  • Updating the inventory

    When you modify the stock levels of a product in Teamleader, the inventory is automatically updated in Prestashop.

Orders, clients and products are imported from the sales channel into Teamleader.

The stock levels and the order statuses are updated from Teamleader to the sales channel.

Follow the sales of your PrestaShop store by integrating it with Teamleader to better manage your company sales.

You can import and export the following lists to and from MS Excel or CSV file: Customers, Suppliers, Products and services, Chart of accounts. Plus you can export reports to MS Excel.
Here are a few commonly used reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Statement of Cash Flows, and Transaction List.
Sellers can create a catalog, track inventory of each product, configure payment or shipping options and link the website to local or international platforms to boost sales.
PrestaShop offers a marketplace of in-house and third-party modules and templates, which businesses can integrate to improve store operations related to storefront design or navigation, marketing, logistics and more.

Connect Prestashop and Teamleader

No-code platform, start integrating in a matter of minutes.

Live Transactions

Observe in real time the data transferred from one app to another.

Workflow Control

Stop and start your data workflows whenever you need.

Advanced Statistics

Track the analytics of your synchronisations and download data reports.

Simple Set-up

Create your integration in only 3 steps and without any technical knowledge.

Custom Development

Share your specific requirements with us for a tailor-made integration.

Team Work

Invite team members, set custom permissions and track their activity.

Integration Guides

Tips to integrate Prestashop and Teamleader easily


PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.


Customer management, project management and invoicing in one tool. Teamleader facilitates the work of more than 11,000 SMEs.

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