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Why Synchronise Pipedrive?

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Import or export your orders from one application to another.


Synchronise contacts and customers between your applications.


Keep control of your accounting by exporting your transactions.


Use your customer data to improve your sales.

Pipedrive is a simple CRM tool that helps you get more qualified leads and grow your business faster.



Organise Your Data

Integrating Synchron into your business will simplify this data synchronisation and keep up to date the latest information about your clients and customers.

Sync Your Customers

The software and online tools that allow you to interact with your customers, prospects and potential customers should always be interconnected so that you don't miss anything.

Pipedrive provides sales personnel full visibility of different sales pipelines. An interface displays the progress stages for each deal with the complete details for next actionable items. The activity & goal feature allows users to track the pending activities in each pipeline. Pipedrive also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team level targets, analyze sales data and generate visual reports.
Pipedrive's mailing system seamlessly integrates with multiple email service providers including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. Users can send and receive emails from multiple accounts using their Pipedrive account. The solution also integrates with various leading CRM tools to transfer contact details, communication history and other information across applications. Apart from these, the solution also integrates with Google Maps, MailChimp, Trello and Zapier.

We regularly add new applications, as long as they are popular and likely to appeal to the largest number of people.

Feel free to contact us by specifying the name of the app or cloud service that you wish to connect to Pipedrive, and we will let you know if this integration is possible or already planned.


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