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Workflow Control

Stop and start your data workflows whenever you need.

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Connector is an e-commerce integration platform that facilitates the connection of your application stack and automates the synchronisation of your data.

Universal Connector

How does it work?

The missing link between your apps retrieves and translates data from the source application (via its API) before sending it to the target application. is both messenger and translator, allowing your APIs to communicate with each other.

Each plan allows two-ways syncing.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is a flow of data from one application to another. This implies that there is a source application and a target application. The data from the source application is imported and translated by, which then relays this data to the target application. Sometimes, the target application will respond with a message that will pass back onto the source application. A workflow is a data flow between two applications.

What is an API and why is it important?

An API, or application programming interface, can be seen as a library provided by a software. For instance, the Shopify API provides information about orders, customers or deliveries. can retrieve those informations by communicating directly with the API. It would be impossible to interact with Shopify and import your data without an API. For this reason, we can only synchronise applications or cloud services that offer an external API.

Que se passe-t-il si je dépasse le nombre de workflows autorisés ?

If you exceed the number of monthly transactions allowed by your plan, we do not stop your syncs. You are allowed to exceed the monthly transaction limit for 3 consecutive months, after which we will advise you to upgrade to a higher plan.

You're In Control

The workflow interface doesn't require any technical knowledge and allows you to control each data flow easily.

Two-ways Synchronisation

Historical documents: bulk transfers

Get notified of transfer failures

Play / Pause Workflows At Your Convenience

Connect your applications with a single click

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Mirakl + Shopify
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Sellsy + Prestashop
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Teamleader + Hubspot
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Sturdy and resilient platform

The platform is built with security in mind. Your data is secured and encrypted by multiple layers of security protocols like TLS.


Protect access to your account with 2FA authentication.


Enjoy fully encrypted communications and transfers.

99.97% SLA

Never lose your data. works for you 24 hours a day.

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