Pay As You Grow.

Price based on monthly transaction volume.

95 / month

Billed annually

  • Up to 1000 invoices per month
  • No set-up or hidden fees
  • 15-day free trial
  • 100% money back guarantee for 60 days

Operates 24 hours a day

Your data is synchronised even when you sleep.

Personalised support

Custom-developed solutions to meet your needs.

Data Monitoring

Real-time data transfer visualisation.

Advanced statistics

Monitor the frequency of your syncs over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does's pricing work?

Pricing is billed monthly and is done by online payment, via Stripe or PayPal. Your credit card is debited automatically at the beginning of each month, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. Your account will be active until the month following the termination of your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and your syncs will remain active until the end of the current month. For example, if you made your first payment on the 10th of July and cancelled the subscription on the 1st of July, your account will remain active until the 10th of July.

What happens if I change my plan?

When you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle, the next invoice will be prorated for the unused period of the current plan.

Can I get training assistance to get started quickly?

Yes, we offer chat and email support to help you get started. In addition, once logged into your account, you will be able to access a complete and detailed documentation on each of the applications that you use.

The application I would like to connect to is not listed

We regularly add new applications, as long as they are popular and likely to appeal to the largest number of people. Feel free to contact us by specifying the name of the app or cloud service that you wish to connect to, and we will let you know if this integration is possible or already planned.

What happens if I exceed the number of authorised transactions per month?

If you exceed the number of transactions allowed per month for your plan, we will not stop your synchronisations. Instead, at the next renewal date of your contract (end of the month), you will be switched to a higher plan based on the new number of transactions that your business has made in the last month.