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You have valuable data stored in your CRM, customer support, accounting system and other softwares. Synchron allows you to control how your customer data flows between all of your sales tools.

Can I receive notifications by SMS?

Most of the notifications online softwares now support sending SMS as well as emails.

Why use a notification system for my business?

There are many use cases, but the main one is to receive an alert, wether it is by email, phone call, SMS, or Slack, about a new order, a new customer request, a new data export, a data import failure, or any kind of message that you can think of.

I am not sure which notifications app is the best for me.

Most of the notifications apps are free to use if you stick with the basic plans and features. This is a good opportunity to subscribe to several and compare them.

Is it easy to work as a team with a cloud solution?

Working with colleagues, and sharing data with your advisers, is an extremely straightforward process when you are based in the cloud. Using the old desktop approach, you have limited access to your accounts, which makes collaboration with colleagues and advisers difficult. With a SaaS or online software solution, you, your colleagues, your management team and your advisers can all access the same data instantly, from any geographical location.

Track Your Shipments

By automating your shipping workflows, you can create more effective pipelines, receive live updates on the shipments and boost the performance of your sales.

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Macbook Synchronisation

Quickly Sync

Synchron runs in the background to ensure that the data of your shipping and WMS softwares is synced with the rest of your application stack.

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Macbook Connector

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