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Customer Data

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Synchron offers a list of tools to facilitate your productivity and simplify the implementation of your workflows. Send your data by email, automatically generate Excel files and save time on manual repetitive tasks.

Keeping the application safe and up to date

On a cloud platform, back-ups and software updates become a thing of the past. You’re always logged in to the most up-to-date version of the software, with all the latest functions, tax rates and necessary returns. Also, your work is saved automatically as you go, so you save both time and money on tedious back-up procedures.

Why is it more efficient or sustainable?

With an online storage system, you can significantly reduce your reliance on paperwork. Invoices can be emailed out and shared through storage platforms directly to clients, removing the costs of printing and postage – and speeding up the payment process. Incoming bills and receipts can be scanned and saved directly onto the storage platform with the associated transactions in your accounting software, for example.

Backing up your important data safely

Because your documents are all digitised and stored in the cloud, there is no need to keep the paper originals or store the files on your computer. This helps in backing up your data safely, where you will be able to retrieve it from anywhere and at any time.

Is it easy to work as a team with a storage cloud solution?

Working with colleagues, and sharing data with your advisers, is an extremely straightforward process when you are based in the cloud. Using the old desktop approach, you have limited access to your accounts, which makes collaboration with colleagues and advisers difficult. With a SaaS or online software solution, you, your colleagues, your management team and your advisers can all access the same data instantly, from any geographical location.

Import and Export

Use our Excel converter to import your CSV and XLS files to a third party application or software, such as your e-commerce store or accounting system.

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Get Notified

Synchron's notification service can connect to any workflow in your integration and notify you when a predefined event is triggered.

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