Multi-user Account

Work as a team and regulate the permissions of your collaborators.

Collaborate with your team

Share your data flow and sync statistics with your colleagues.

Team Account Role

Martin Person Top

Melanie Belmont Top

Simon Fosse

Alex Border

Patrick Lefebre

Maria Provlov new

Matt Deforest new

What is the advantage of a team/multi-user plan?

Team / multi-user plans allow you to group your team members on the same account and have a common billing for all team members. You can also share your synchronisations with the team and manage them collaboratively.

Assign roles and permissions

Work on the same projects

Simplified interface for new members

Track the activity of your team

Activity Log


Martin Person22/04 17:15

started integration Prestashop + Sellsy

Melanie Belmont22/04 15:47

modified integration Prestashop + Sellsy

Martin Person19/04 14:08

paused integration Prestashop + Sellsy

Maria Provlov19/04 09:32

joined the team as member 🎉

Saves Time and Boosts Productivity.

Recommended by innovative and high growth companies

Synchron provides us with a unique solution to integrate our stores with Sellsy. This functionality is crucial to the success of our business and was not available anywhere else.

The Synchron team took the time to understand our problem and helped free up our internal resources by automating a large part of our sales process. What an amazing product!

Synchron developped a custom integration for us to connect our CRM with our billing software. This solution finally allowed our team to increase their productivity on more important matters.