Resilience and Security

Protect your data with fully encrypted communications.

Secure transfers & encrypted data

In addition to the TLS transfer protocol that secures communication between APIs, we encrypt all data exchanged between your applications from end to end.

Secure TLS / Open SSL Transfers

AES-256 Data Encryption

HTTPS Secure Cookies and Protected Areas

Reinforce the protection of your data

Account Protection

Secure session and restricted permissions has several layers of security and protects high-risk areas and actions that could impact your data. also makes use of bleeding-edge technologies that are regularly updated and proof-tested by the dev community.

Two-step Validation

Protected Against XSS, DDoS, MitM Attacks

High Availability Servers & Load Balancing

Protect sensitive areas of your account

Two-step Validation


The area you wish to access is protected.

Enter your password to confirm your identity.

Protecting Data

Protecting your customer's data is our first priority. This is why we thrive in improving and securing the platform constantly, as well as using the latest data encryption and SSL/TLS technologies.

  • Secure Session

  • Encrypted transfers

  • Single Sign-on

  • 2-factor Auth

Track devices access history of your personal account

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Track the activity of your team

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