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Synchron enables the connection between your Sellsy account and your online store, your CRM or your accounting software.

Sellsy is the only solution that lets you manage your marketing, sales, invoicing and cash flow all in one place.

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Integration of your e-shop with Sellsy

The e-commerce workflow cycle

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    Importing new orders

    Orders from your online store are automatically imported into Sellsy invoices. can also generate purchase orders, delivery notes, and import credit notes from the e-shop into your Sellsy account.

    It is also possible to import historical orders.

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    Updating the inventory

    When you modify the stock levels of a Sellsy product, the inventory is automatically updated in your online store.

Importing e-commerce orders into Sellsy

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Each time a new order is placed in your online store, it is automatically imported into your Sellsy account, either as a paid invoice or as a draft.

If the order was made by a new customer, the customer will be imported automatically.

Likewise, if the order contains products that do not yet exist in Sellsy, these products will be created for you.

Several settings are available in the interface, allowing you to opt for the creation of purchase orders, delivery notes, credit notes, or even custom fields.

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Integration of your CRM software with Sellsy

The CRM workflow cycle

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    Importing deals and quotes

    Deals and quotes from your CRM (HubSpot, Pipedrive...) are automatically imported into your Sellsy account.

    CRM deals are converted into Sellsy quotes or invoices, and CRM quotes can also be converted to invoices.

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    Updating deals

    Once you have processed the Sellsy document (quote or invoice), the corresponding deal is updated.

    The update includes the modification of the deal's stage, as well as the addition of the Sellsy PDF document to a custom field of your CRM.

Importing deals and quotes into Sellsy


Each time a deal is moved to a specific dealstage of your pipeline, it is automatically imported into Sellsy as an invoice and/or a quote, based on your settings.

If the company or customer attached to the deal does not exist in Sellsy, a new customer will be created automatically.

Likewise, if the deal products do not yet exist in Sellsy, they will be created for you.


Each time a quote is e-signed in your CRM, it is imported into Sellsy (as a quote and/or invoice).

Config options allow you to determine whether the Sellsy quote should be marked as accepted, whether the Sellsy invoice should be marked as paid or draft, and whether to create a purchase order or delivery note.

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