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Synchron allows you to connect your Mirakl marketplace with your online store, your accounting software or your CRM.

Mirakl is the SaaS solution chosen by leading enterprises worldwide to manage their third-party marketplace and dropship business.

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Integrating your Mirakl marketplace with your e-commerce store

The e-commerce workflow cycle

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    Importing Mirakl orders

    Orders from your marketplaces are automatically imported into your online store.

  • 2
    Updating the orders and tracking info

    You fulfill orders directly in your e-shop by adding a tracking number (manually or via a third-party plugin).

    Mirakl orders are instantly updated with a tracking number, carrier name and tracking URL.

  • 3
    Updating the marketplace inventory

    When you modify the stock levels of a product in your e-shop, the Mirakl inventory is automatically updated.

1Importing Mirakl orders into your online shop

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Each time a new order is placed on your marketplace, it is automatically imported in your account.

If the order was made by a new customer, the customer will be imported automatically.

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  • Sunday 16th June 2024
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2Updating the tracking details of your Mirakl orders

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Each time you process an order in your account, the corresponding Mirakl order is updated with your tracking number and a carrier tracking URL.

The Mirakl order status is also updated (to 'Shipped') and a PDF delivery document is generated.

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BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl

3Updating the inventory of your Mirakl products

Shopify BigCommerce WooCommerce Mirakl

Every time you modify the stock levels of a product, the quantity of the Mirakl product is instantly updated.

Stock updates are also triggered when new orders are placed in your store.

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