Analytics and Statistics

Analyse the frequency of synchronisations over time.

Detailed Analysis Of Your Transfers

The data transferred from one application to another can be complex, numerous, and you sometimes do not have the time to check on it.

That is why provides detailed statistics of all your transfers, with a weekly summary of the imported and exported data.


Statistics Of Your Data Flow

Get detailed graphs of your daily, monthly and annual transfers.


Workflows Usage

Manage your subscription by tracking the volume consumption and data usage of your current plan.


Notifications Of Your Transfers

Receive notifications when your integrations receive a high transfer rate.


Weekly Reports

Download your statistics in the form of a weekly report, including the number of successful transfers achieved.

Stay in control

With real-time monitoring of your workflows, you can analyze the source of each data stream and thus locate potential problems in your online store.

Real-time workflow monitoring

Viewing the transferred data

Comparison of exported data

Easily track your account's data usage


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Team - April 2022
Month Total

€160 EUR

Workflow Usage

2.37 GB of 10 GB