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With an ever-increasing number of online apps for users to choose from, interconnectivity is more important than ever.

Your customers are likely to use your SaaS application along with dozens of other applications. Integrating your software with the rest of their 'ecosystem' or application stack can therefore be crucial for them. The reason why is that application synchronisation increases their productivity and automates many of their day-to-day manual tasks.

However, building these integrations yourself can be time consuming and costly. builds a bi-directional sync bridge between your SaaS platform and dozens of other cloud applications, synchronising e-commerce data such as orders, inventory and customers in real time.

The real-time, bi-directional integration of enhances the added value of your business and guarantees that your application will be fully connected to the cloud.

For agencies, the cost of bespoke development for a client's specific needs is not always profitable. It is then preferable to use an iPaaS software such as