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Synchronise your Orders

Import or export your orders from one application to another.


Track your Inventory

Keep your inventory up to date by synchronising your stock levels.


Synchronise your Contacts

Synchronise contacts and customers between your applications.


Export your Invoices

Replicate your invoices and save your important data.

Integrating your marketplace with your BigCommerce store

The e-commerce workflow cycle

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    Importing orders in real time

    Every time a new order is placed in Mirakl, it's imported in BigCommerce.

    Automatic acceptance of orders can accept your Mirakl orders automatically.

Importing Mirakl orders in your BigCommerce account

Mirakl BigCommerce

Each time a new order is placed on your marketplace, it is automatically imported in your account.

If the order was made by a new customer, the customer will be imported automatically.

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    Tracking updates

    When you fulfill a BigCommerce order, the tracking details are transferred directly to Mirakl.

    Shipping Status The Mirakl order status is also updated.

Updating the tracking details of your Mirakl orders

BigCommerce Mirakl

Each time you process an order in your account, the corresponding Mirakl order is updated with your tracking number and a carrier tracking URL.

The Mirakl order status is also updated (to 'Shipped') and a PDF delivery document is generated.

BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl
BigCommerce Mirakl

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    Updating the inventory

    When you modify the stock levels of a product in BigCommerce, the inventory is automatically updated in Mirakl.

Updating the inventory of your Mirakl products

BigCommerce Mirakl

Every time you modify the stock levels of a product, the quantity of the Mirakl product is instantly updated.

Stock updates are also triggered when new orders are placed in your store.

Hundreds of Marketplaces ready to be connected

Enhance your Mirakl marketplaces by integrating BigCommerce to track your sales more easily.

BigCommerce provides conversion tools that help merchants grow at double the speed of an offline business. These tools help direct more traffic, convert a greater number of visitors and help sell a variety of products through multiple channels. Built-in SEO conversion tools, real-time carrier quote support, UPS label printing and digital wallets give merchants a chance to enhance their revenue and carry out operations in a systematic manner.
Yes, and the inventory listing is entirely automated which eliminates any need for manual updating of the list or adding new products. Other functions include building integrations, automation of taxes, or email marketing.
You can use Mirakl Ads to promote your products on Mirakl, in search results and other pages on Mirakl. Mirakl Ads optimises your budget to advertise your products in placements where they will perform best.
Mirakl does provide data and statistics about your shop. Using the statistics you can see how your shop is performing, where your traffic comes from and how buyers interact with your product listings.


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Live Transactions

Observe in real time the data transferred from one app to another.

Workflow Control

Stop and start your data workflows whenever you need.

Advanced Statistics

Track the analytics of your synchronisations and download data reports.

Simple Set-up

Create your integration in only 3 steps and without any technical knowledge.

Custom Development

Share your specific requirements with us for a tailor-made integration.

Team Work

Invite team members, set custom permissions and track their activity.

Integration Guides

Tips to integrate Mirakl and BigCommerce easily


Mirakl is a marketplace that allows you to develop your online business regardless of the size of your business or the sector of your activities.


BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online store, streamline your business and automate tedious tasks. Manage your entire business from a single control panel.

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