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Import or export your orders from one application to another.


Keep your inventory up to date by synchronising your stock levels.


Synchronise contacts and customers between your applications.


Replicate your invoices and save your important data.

Media Markt Marketplace integration app helps you sell on Media Markt by simplifying the complex processes like order and product management, inventory tracking and price matching.

Mediamarkt Saturn

Mediamarkt Saturn

Simple Automation

Sync your inventory by integrating your marketplace shop to your ERP. When stock levels are updated in your stock management software, your marketplace store is automatically updated with the correct stock levls.

Connect Easily

Integrate your maketplace business with your accounting and finance softwares. Each time a sale is made in your store, the invoice is automatically imported in your accounting software.

You can use Mirakl Ads to promote your products on Mirakl, in search results and other pages on Mirakl. Mirakl Ads optimises your budget to advertise your products in placements where they will perform best.
Mirakl does provide data and statistics about your shop. Using the statistics you can see how your shop is performing, where your traffic comes from and how buyers interact with your product listings.

We regularly add new applications, as long as they are popular and likely to appeal to the largest number of people.

Feel free to contact us by specifying the name of the app or cloud service that you wish to connect to Mediamarkt Saturn, and we will let you know if this integration is possible or already planned.


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